Lynsey Tiplady

Lynsey Tiplady

Job Title:

Craniosacral Therapy

My outlook on life is that beneath everything that I am experiencing either mentally or physically there is something I can rely on for my healing. My journey of studying my own body and mind has led me to really trust in this and Craniosacral Therapy for me aligns with that belief. Receiving treatments can help you come into connection with that in your own body and feel more connected and resourced when needed. 

Craniosacral Therapy supports the body in its innate healing capacity
and can help with physical, emotional, and life challenges. With its roots based in Osteopathy, It works by offering time and space for your body to become more connected to the ‘tide’, or ‘breath’ of life.  This is an energetic rhythm that we may not always be aware of but that we deeply know.

Our bodies hold so much wisdom and by working with me through Cranio your system can learn to unravel the patterns and ideas that influence who you are. Once we release these patterns, we find we have much more energy to live the life we really want.

Craniosacral can help with many of the stresses and strains we experience in life be they complex or more straightforward and is a very gentle yet powerful tool for healing.

My most recent advanced studies include one on trauma and also how to be with those who are near to death. I am passionate about helping people to be present in their bodies and face all they might be experiencing there.

I get a lot of feedback about how people feel very safe and held with me when receiving treatments and find this is something I am naturally good at.

Do get in touch for any more information and if you feel the pull to receive a treatment. 

Bookings: or 07723325547


“ The treatments I had with Caroline were my first experiences of Hydrotherm, and I would thoroughly recommend the treatment and Caroline as a practitioner. The consultation enabled the treatment to be highly tailored to my needs and everything felt spacious and unhurried. I released physical and emotional tension, within the safely held beautiful space of Ola. A real treat in my busy life. “


The Hydrotherm massage with Caroline was incredible. Loved the floaty movements and the warmth of the bed (what an awesome idea!) and her presence with her hands and being


My experience with Hydrotherm massage has been unlike any other massage I’ve had - the warmth of the heated pads helped my body relax deeply into the massage and eased my aches and pains. I loved feeling in contact with both the gentle heat and the movement of the water. The whole thing felt very fluid, relaxing and at the same time energising. My partner said I seemed transformed afterwards. Thank you!


The massage was amazing! Caroline is very skilled and I felt energised afterwards and for days afterwards too. Thank you!