Natural Facelift Massage

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What is a natural facelift massage?

Natural facelift Massage, (also called Facial Rejuvenation), is a truly ‘holistic’ treatment based on ancient Ayurvedic techniques. It is performed entirely with the hands, without the use of oils or creams. It is suitable for anyone of any age and its aim is to promote healthy balanced skin, to reduce tension by encouraging the body to become more efficient naturally from within and to help prevent lines forming.

The treatment works primarily by freeing constrictions within the facial muscles and connective tissue. Tension can build up in our facial muscles from pressures of everyday life without us realising it as thoughts and emotions become habitual, locking themselves into the expressions on our faces. The muscles of the face differ from those of the body in that they directly attach to the skin that covers them. Therefore when the facial muscles sag the skin does too. The Natural Facelift Massage is useful because it can bring awareness to the body, in this case the face and posture to help prevent unhealthy habits from continuing in everyday life, this will also support the treatment.

What to expect

A typical session begins with relaxation and energy balancing, followed by activation of specific acupressure points on the face, friction movements with varying degrees of pressure are then applied all over the face and neck to detect areas of tension and encourage letting go of habitual facial expressions. The entire face is worked on using Ayurvedic smoothing techniques to remove dead skin cells and ‘iron out’ fine lines and wrinkles. Deeper techniques are used to release restrictions in the connective tissue of the dermis and lift the underlying facial muscles. As the skin becomes increasingly mobile, more blood is able to reach the skin and waste products to be removed therefore improving its health, vitality and texture. This massage helps stimulate the body to produce more collagen, which plumps the skin.

The treatment finishes with lymphatic drainage, scalp massage and grounding techniques. The overall effect of the treatment is of deep relaxation throughout the entire body. As well as the visible benefits, clients have reported feeling more relaxed, sleeping better, relief from sinus problems, jaw pain and tightness, stress related problems. Also a growing awareness of tension held in the face and neck.

Many, more mature women are aware that facial massage is good for their skin but I am also passionate about reaching young people to encourage healthy habits for them. So that when they begin the aging process they will have understanding, knowledge and the tools to allow it to happen naturally, healthily and beautifully.

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I usually recommend a course of six treatments to begin with, to get best results. But it can also just be a one off or occasional treatment depending on the wishes of the client.

  • An individual treatment costs £45
  • A course of six treatments cost £255

Contact me, Jane Ayres, by Telephone, WhatsApp or txt on: 07514824580.


There is a lovely relaxing feel at Ola and Claire and Elisha have done a fantastic job in getting my neck sorted. My treatment isn’t even complete and everything is already feeling much less achey and more free. I feel more balanced generally and can really see the value so will definitely be checking in every so often for a little top up!

Philippa Doyle

Ola is by far the best Chiropractic care I have experienced. Claire, Zehra and Elisha are exceptional practitioners and beautiful people and they work their magic every time. The clinic is beautifully set up and and a calm place to wait for your appointment. I recommend them highly.

Emma Cassiel

Dr Claire is in an exceptional chiropractor who works in a truly unique way. Everything about her presence is deeply loving and caring and she is highly intuitive and responsive. Whatever the issue, Claire will meet with with so much care, honesty and expertise - I can't recommend her highly enough.

Michelle McHale

Lina has magic hands and is so intuitive. If there was an option to give more than 5 stars I would. Best massage I have ever had! I highly recommend OLA Chiropractic - great place, great team and you always get a warm and friendly welcome from the practice manager Jasmine too!

Anna B

We have been having weekly treatments for almost 3 years as a family. Claire is exceptional as a practitioner. Ola is a beautiful calm environment in which to focus on your health and let the team support your body.

Jade Gooding

I've had chiropractic care from Claire a few times and she is wonderful. Intuitive, highly knowledgeable, caring, skillful--everything I would hope for in a chiropractor!

Tasha Bass