One to One Yoga

One to one Yoga sessions are designed to work with the bodies natural response to movement and posture...

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One to one Yoga sessions are designed to work with the bodies natural response to movement and posture. A style of yoga that is based on working from our core elements and our natural processes in realigning, reconnecting and releasing . Awakening the spine, exploring ways to fully inhabit our bodies as well as strengthen. To balance our nervous systems and our sense of feeling in response to ourselves and the world around us. This style of teaching is a profound and delicious embodied journey and exploration through the practice of yoga with a kind, mindful and playful approach. The idea is to design bespoke yoga sessions and if desired or felt beneficial to use in combination with any of the other therapies I am trained in, Having in mind to create a unique and more advantageous approach in discovering the process required to accomplish the desired goal.

Therapists providing this service

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There is a lovely relaxing feel at Ola and Claire and Elisha have done a fantastic job in getting my neck sorted. My treatment isn’t even complete and everything is already feeling much less achey and more free. I feel more balanced generally and can really see the value so will definitely be checking in every so often for a little top up!

Philippa Doyle

Ola is by far the best Chiropractic care I have experienced. Claire, Zehra and Elisha are exceptional practitioners and beautiful people and they work their magic every time. The clinic is beautifully set up and and a calm place to wait for your appointment. I recommend them highly.

Emma Cassiel

Dr Claire is in an exceptional chiropractor who works in a truly unique way. Everything about her presence is deeply loving and caring and she is highly intuitive and responsive. Whatever the issue, Claire will meet with with so much care, honesty and expertise - I can't recommend her highly enough.

Michelle McHale

Lina has magic hands and is so intuitive. If there was an option to give more than 5 stars I would. Best massage I have ever had! I highly recommend OLA Chiropractic - great place, great team and you always get a warm and friendly welcome from the practice manager Jasmine too!

Anna B

We have been having weekly treatments for almost 3 years as a family. Claire is exceptional as a practitioner. Ola is a beautiful calm environment in which to focus on your health and let the team support your body.

Jade Gooding

I've had chiropractic care from Claire a few times and she is wonderful. Intuitive, highly knowledgeable, caring, skillful--everything I would hope for in a chiropractor!

Tasha Bass