Marie Oxley

Marie Oxley

Job Title:

Ayurvedic Therapist, Diet & Lifestyle Consultant, Ayurvedic Herbalist, Yoga Teacher

Marie offers Ayurvedic massage, consultations and a range of traditional warm oil treatments, working with clients that either come for a rejuvenating treatment to help with general wellbeing and balance, or to help to find the root of a specific health problem. Massage is tailored to each person’s individual needs and the pressure ranges from light to deep.

Ayurveda is the traditional holistic medical system that has been practised in India for more than 5000 years. Ayurvedic practitioners view the mind and the body as interconnected and seek to heal imbalances, promote vitality and restore good health. Widely practised in India, Ayurveda is growing in popularity worldwide due to its success in treating illnesses that are difficult to manage using conventional medicine.

Ayurveda treats the root cause of diseases of the mind and body, as well as relieving symptoms. It is very practical and adaptable and works in harmony with everyday life. Ayurveda is prevention-oriented. Its aim is not only to restore health in a diseased person but also to maintain optimal health in a healthy person.

Ayurveda views illness as being caused by an imbalance in a person’s physical or mental constitution and therefore seeks to gently bring a person’s body and mind back into a healthy balance. Treatments combine massage with nutritional and lifestyle advice. Foods, herbs and oils are used to reduce imbalances in the body.

Marie found her way to Ayurveda after a journey of study and self-healing. She qualified as an Ayurvedic Therapist in 2013, and since then has also qualified as an Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultant. Marie has learned, and is always still learning, how to adapt the traditional Ayurvedic teachings so that they are understandable and applicable outside India.

Marie has also completed an advanced course in Ayurvedic Herbalism, which has deepened the knowledge of herbs that she gained in her diet and lifestyle consultant training, and enhanced her ability to work with them from the Ayurvedic perspective, particularly with regard to the synergistic relationships of herbs with other herbs, and the ways they affect different body types. Marie makes specific herbal formulas tailored to individual needs. She is involved in an ongoing mentorship program with medical herbalist Sarah Williams.

Marie is a qualified Yoga Teacher and offers specialised one-to-one yoga sessions, or works with small groups to help people to find their own path to practising yoga in the comfort of their own home. She is currently updating her 200 hours teacher training diploma to a 500 hours diploma, and this will continue through 2018.

Marie works with many regular clients, to provide a relaxing massage, to ease a specific physical problem, to help reduce stress, or to work out a more detailed therapy plan to treat more persistent health complaints. One of Marie’s priorities is to apply the Ayurvedic system to life in the Westcountry, working with local organic foods and herbs wherever possible.

Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for the body, and very good for the skin. Warm oil is always applied, and sesame oil is commonly used as this is kind to the skin and nourishing for the bones, joints and internal organs.

Ayurvedic massage takes place without clothing, although only the area to be treated needs to be uncovered. In a whole body massage the entire body is uncovered, and modesty is protected on the bottom half with a small garment (more towels can be used if a client prefers to be more covered during the treatment, although this slightly changes the style of the massage). The whole body is covered with warm oil, and then massage takes place as a continuous flow without contact being broken until the treatment is completed.

This can be adapted and adjusted to suit each person.

The pressure varies depending on the each person’s needs, but in general the massage techniques use a medium pressure. Deep tissue massage is available for those that would like a deeper treatment. Massage strokes follow the energy channels of the body, and warm oil nourishes and draws out impurities. Marma points, the energy points of the body, are used to detoxify and nourish the body on deeper levels, providing greater healing effects.

Ayurvedic therapy can be used to treat everything from eczema to arthritis, and although a single treatment can be very beneficial, regular treatments are much more effective in reducing or eradicating symptoms.

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Please call Marie on 07834 354151 or email for information and appointments 


Marie is a fantastic therapist. I have had several massages as well as some ayurvedic nutritional sessions. The last massage I had really relieved a lot of tension in my neck and I felt much lighter and totally relaxed. Definitely recommend Marie!

Katy, Hemyock

Marie has magic hands, the oils are wonderful, you will not want your Ayurvedic massage to end. Marie also is experienced in Ayurvedic medicine and can help with health issues and prescribe herbs. I cannot recommend her enough

Sarah, Tavistock

Marie was amazing! She’s incredibly good at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone.

Adam, Torquay

Marie is highly skilled and never fails to put me at ease. Her expertise and advice have helped me so much with my health and wellbeing. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Lizzie, Essex

Marie gives excellent massages. Her dietary advice has been very helpful. She is a patient and thoughtful yoga instructor - as a complete beginner, she let me move at my own pace, without feeling pressured.

Joe, Bristol

Highly recommended. Marie has a natural ability to connect with people and work with them on their own individual areas for healing. I felt relaxed and comfortable with Marie and her approach was very in tune with what I needed. I have recommended this to my parents and they to have found great benefit from the treatments offered by Marie. I look forward to more therapy from Marie in the future.

Rich, Torquay

Marie gave a blissful postnatal massage, she was very aware of my bodies needs and very accommodating to the newborn baby in the corner!

Hannah, Torquay

It's always a wonderful relaxing experience when Marie gives me a treatment. I can highly recommend it

Vivienne, Paignton

Marie, was very professional in her work, extremely considerate and created a calming relaxing environment during her massage treatment. Marie explained in detail what she was doing and the benefits of the various treatments available

Maggie, Lancashire

Marie has amazing understanding of Ayurvedic therapy and applies it to achieve top results.

Christine, Lancashire

Marie has helped my back wonderfully, leaving the session feeling lighter and brighter both mentally and physically. Shall certainly be returning! Very welcoming with good energies in both Marie and the space, exceedingly calming with beautiful oils~relaxing. Thank you so much Marie, I can't thank you enough and shall be back more regularly! Lovely Soul and great work :~} recommend to all who suffer from achey muscles!

Kiera, Plymouth

I had an incredible massage with Marie. She paid attention to all the parts of my body that were tight even ones i didn't know were. I felt super relaxed and zenned out the whole session. Definitely in the top three massages of my life! Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Will, Kingsbridge

Had an awesome Ayurvedic massage from Marie. The hour felt like a million hours and I was super chilled afterwards. All round top person and top service!

Jack, Bristol

Marie is a lovely gentle soul with a thorough and empathic understanding of her craft. Whether it be a whole body Ayurvedic massage, a therapeutic remedial one....or an unique blend of the two, the combination of her deft hands and nourishing warm oils always manage to produce the same result - pure contentment and complete relaxation. Marie has the highest recommendation from me!

Trisha, Churchinford