Pippa Griffin

Pippa Griffin

Job Title:

Holistic, Intuitive and Integrated Body Therapies

My role as a practitioner is to help each client to gain a sense of their own body and its patterns, through massage, breathe and movement. I offer my treatments from a place that is guided from intuition and a listening. Individualised sessions help clients identify, relax and release patterns of trauma, stress, tension, regulate the nervous system, easing pain and improving movement. Inviting each person to move towards a place of well being, integrated movement, self care and awareness

I use a range of modalities on a individual basis or by weaving a unique combination that responds to the persons needs.
Alongside this I bring quiet slow forms of touch that communicate with the body with a profound gentleness, presence and calm; and subtle methods to integrate shifts and changes

These are hands on treatments using balms, oils and touch, combining with gentle movement, breathwork and mindfulness.
The Pear Tree Room at Ola has been designed beautifully, offering a wholesome, warm supportive, cosy, confidential and blissfully relaxing space where one will be nourished, nurtured, can unwind and take rest.

“The simplicity of being still, breathing and feeling held can offer each and every one of us something so profound and something so simple and yet so essential for our sense of well being”.

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The quality and style of therapies that Pippa has integrated and combined into her treatments;

Traditional Swedish Style Massage for relaxation

Deep Tissue Massage ( moving deeper into the muscle tissue to release and relieve tension when appropriate)

Remedial massage and bodywork ( a form of massage that offers advanced techniques enabling the therapist to work with more specific acute and chronic injuries over a 6 to 12 week period)

Reflexology a holistic treatment using pressure points through the feet and hands.

RLD (Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage) works in a very similar way to MLD ( massage lymphatic drainage), the difference being that RLD is guided by the map of the body through the feet or hands.

Reiki working with the energetic elements of the body to aid healing and well being.

Myofascial release ( a very effective bodywork technique that works with the fascia. The fascia is a 3d web of connective tissue within the body, it infuses supports and surrounds all organs and tissues within the body, down to cellular level. This technique is used to deal with chronic injuries at their root, often dealing with the physical and emotional component of the injury.

Experiential/ Embodied Anatomy and Somatic Training/Practice Both of which have influenced my therapy sessions in a way that enables me to offer a creative, intuitive and sensitive treatment. Over all inviting a deep feeling of rest, nervous system regulation, embodiment, softening, unwinding and a sense of coming home into one’s own body.

One to one Yoga sessions that are designed to work with the bodies natural response to movement and posture. A style of yoga that is based on working from our core elements and our natural processes in realigning, reconnecting and releasing . Awakening the spine, exploring ways to fully inhabit our bodies as well as strengthen. To balance our nervous systems and our sense of feeling in response to ourselves and the world around us. This style of teaching is a profound and delicious embodied journey and exploration through the practice of yoga with a kind, mindful and playful approach. The idea is to design bespoke yoga sessions and if desired or felt beneficial to use in combination with any of the other therapies I am trained in, Having in mind to create a unique and more advantageous approach in discovering the process required to accomplish the desired goal.

Prices and Treatment Times

45mins – £45

60mins – £50

75mins – £55

90mins – £65

2hrs – £90 – reflexology treatment and full body massage combined.

Yoga – £40 per hour.


I can arrive in Pippa's lovely room stressed, exhausted and anxious, within 1 hour I have moved to another level in body and mind. It is a truely wonderful experience.

Chrisine Sweetman Totnes

5 star Pippa is great at what she does and helps me get through stressful times in life by making a regular massage appointment sheer I only have to focus on what I need rather than everyone else. Would thoroughly recommend her to you all and on top of that she is such a lovely person to know!

Jill Jill Breeze

As an experienced massage therapist myself and having received a lot of massage over the years from other therapists means, I am a very fussy and hard to please. I have been looking for a long time to find another therapist who can live up to my expectations and Pippa certainly does. I receive a massage from her on a regular basis and find it to be deeply relaxing, nurturing, healing, and releasing on both a physical, mental and emotional level. She has a calm and gentle manner which compliments her knowledge, training and intuition, which leaves me feeling deeply nourished on all levels

Gerry Gouge

I have been having a massage from Pippa for the past 4 years . Having had a regular massage over the past 30 years I consider myself somewhat of a seasoned receiver. i therefore am most particular as to whom I receive treatments from. Pippa's style of massage, for me, is exceptional for many reasons. Firstly her energy, her warmth and personality put me at ease within minutes of my first treatment. Her technique and knowledge of this art coupled with the afore mentioned make her for me a 'monthly must have'. until she leaves or gives up I will not consider looking elsewhere

John Cox

Pippas massage is simply the ultimate relaxing experience

Christel Anskersmit

I think Pippa is the best massage therapist I have ever found. From the first time I visited she made me feel very comfortable.She has a calming, gentle presence but is strong a sure when massaging and I have never found a therapist who feels as committed and present during each massage as she does.I love all the different techniques she knows and how they combine to make a mini adventure in massage which feels slightly different in each session. Something about the trust she evokes also allows my mind to wander off and let go in away that feels enjoyable and creative and I never absorb any sense of hurry, rush or tension from her, By the end of the hour I feel wonderfully dozy and relaxed and usually sleep well that night. I would recommend her massages to everyone, whether they have a particular problem area that needs sorting out or just want to come down a notch or two, The only down side is they are rather addictiv

Clara Williams Devon

Pippa is a true intuitive. Her ability to tune in to the body and energies are subtle, beautiful and profound

Malcolm Stern Author and Psychotherapist

In my opinion Pippa is an incredible therapist and healer. I am blown away by her knowledge of the body and sensitivity in identifying areas of the body that need manipulation and healing. I always come away from my treatments feeling that I have been given a focused, deep and truly holistic session. I would highly reccomend Pippa and I am deeply grateful for her knowledge and expertise

Jason Singh Musician