Joseph Rose

Joseph Rose

Job Title:

Integrative Deep Tissue Massage & Pain Coach

Joseph creates a unique experience, combining Western and Eastern remedial massage techniques with his own intuitive and ceremonial approach to massage. His work is sensitive and, where needed, very deep, creating lasting change and relief from pain and stress.

Even as a young child, Joseph was drawn to massage and, from the age of fourteen, gave intuitive treatments on his first massage table. He was trained in Sports Massage in 2012 and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology in 2013. He has practiced ever since, working from home, in clinics, and as he travelled, learning and developing all the while.

Joseph has successfully helped people with a wide variety of chronic and acute physical conditions, such as lower back pain, joint pain and sciatica, injuries, as well as conditions such as insomnia, IBS, migraines and anxiety. He has a strong belief in, as well as personal and professional experience of, the body’s innate ability to heal, and works on different levels to aid this process

Joseph offers bodywork treatments, Pain Coaching (PRT) treatments, and mixed treatments.

Bodywork supports the body to heal from recent injuries, to release accumulated tension, and to rebalance the physical and energetic systems to free up energy and vitality.

To improve physical health Joseph recommends booking treatments at intervals of 10-14 days. For general health maintenance he recommends booking monthly.

PRT is a powerful, cutting-edge therapeutic method that identifies and reprograms neurological patterns that can be responsible for many chronic symptoms that can include: chronic back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, IBS, migraines, frozen joints, chronic anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia and many other chronic conditions. PRT involves in-depth consultation, education about the causes of chronic pain, and exercises to replace the psychological patterns that cause or contribute to the chronic symptoms.

PRT is most effective on a weekly basis, in most cases Joseph recommends booking a block of 4 sessions.


For bodywork I offer a 10% discount for 3 or more multiple bookings made in advance (these can be paid in one go, or at each treatment)


I have regular massages from Joseph and I have felt the many benefits of these. It took me a very long time and many disappointments before I finally found in Joseph the therapist I and my body appreciate. He has great knowledge of the body, learned and intuitive, and massages with confidence and beautiful sensitivity. I have had a very bad motorbike accident and over a few months Joseph was able to help me to get the movement back in my knee and leg, and work deeply into the scar tissue with great success. His friendly, simple, and kindhearted approach will be welcomed by young and old, female and male. I like very deep massages which Joseph does by taking me with him to the depth rather than just a brutal approach. And yet his pressure is very flexible depending on the body's need. I will not go anywhere else for a massage and highly recommend him.

Claudia Schaefer, Massage Therapist

Joseph’s massage provides a delicate balance for me of deep tissue, strong massage, mixed with sensitivity and deep presence. The result is a quality of touch that I find deeply healing and beautiful. I would always recommend Joseph to anyone who wants a massage of a very high standard.

Sarah Parker, Craniosacral Practitioner

An old injury to an Achilles heel had left me limping for months after my initial recovery. Joseph skilfully broke down the stiff inflammation, and within days I could walk down the stairs with ease again. Without exaggerating, this was one of the most direct and effective treatments I have ever experienced. I highly recommend Joseph’s capable body work to anyone who needs to get to the root of muscular pain, or simply wants a deep massage

Jessica Gelpke

Joseph came recommended by several locals. I was in such a bad way and didn't know where to go with my fairly chronic back issue. Joseph immediately made me feel comfortable with manner and comprehensive questioning. He ensured sessions covered techniques to take away and incorporate not only into physical exertion but also everyday life. The deep tissue massage has hugely helped after a number of therapies and I also feel enabled to assist my recovery with a tool kit of exercises and theories that he helped forge with me. Could not recommend Joseph's services enough

Nick Barradale

I highly recommend Joseph as a very skilled and intuitive masseur. I have been receiving massages from him for a number of years and I so appreciate his ability to work deeply, sensitively and to hear and respond to my needs and also to provide a deeply calming and soothing space.

Michelle Levi, Yoga Teacher

I've been going to Joseph for massage for many years now. He has a wonderful calm and grounded presence and unknots my body like no-one else. I also appreciate all the extra touches that calm the nervous system and make the session a beautiful, nourishing treat for the senses with sound and aroma as well as massage. He has a great knowledge of the body and I recommend him highly.

Nikki Chambers